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Haiti Step Back Leap Forward
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Step Back Leap Forward Haiti

In October, 2013, one of my Visual Art teachers at the BAA, Guy Michel Telemaque, curated an exhibition of Haitian artists for the school’s Gordon Gallery titled Persistence of Spirit.  After spending 2 summers researching Haitian artists throughout Haiti, he was able to bring 3 preeminent visual artists and a collection of their work for the greater Boston community to witness. The exhibition and the series of events connected to the show had a profound effect on me. Spending time with the artists when they visited our school and also the Ambassador of Haiti, who came from Washington DC, was inspiring.


From this experience I had the base to create an experience of my own. I went to Haiti and through the support of Guy Michelle Telemaque, John Barnes, and Josianne Hudicourt Barnes I was able connect with Haitian artist and organize a collaboration amongst us. Through this experience we wrestled with the theme of Haitian culture and the things that make it stand.

The images we came up with are the result of a community of haitian youth under the leadership of the four artists:

Rocky Cotard

Emmanuel Saincilus

Ismer Saincilus

Larimer Saincilus

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