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Photo by Tyahra Angus


Rocky Cotard, born in Mirebalais Haiti and raised in Boston Massachusetts, USA,  places himself between two cultures as a bridge for artistic international connections. He draws inspiration from artists like Gontran Durocher, Phillipe Dodard, and Ronald Mevs. He returns to Haiti on a yearly basis informing his work on experiential research. His body of illustrations depicts the perspective of the Haitian Diaspora, in defiance to the narrow representation of it through media.


Cotard’s paintings, prints, and illustrations dig into his identity and lineage to collect his history, to reclaim his narrative, and to build cultural pride. His work portrays a wide range of color, the use of bold figures that demand attention, and improvisation. Conceptually the work fights the unbalanced power by raising the people who have been generalized and making them into icons where whose power is present and staring back.



Drawing Inspiration from Heritage and History

Drawing Inspiration from Heritage and History

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